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Our winery is family conducted.
You will find us in Case Cocconi, a small fraction of the municipality of Campegine, near the border of the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Parma. This area is a particularly flat and fertile slice of Pianura Padana since the old times, thanks to its rich soil.
Our winery covers a surface of 7ha, where 3 of those are destined to the vines and the rest is left to grassland.
In the recent years we started a process of expansion and reconversion of the vineyards which brought the actual production to 14 tons and still growing due to the increasing yield of younger vines.

Our production

According to tradition of Reggio Emilia

Lambrusco grapes

We grow different varieties of Lambrusco, some of them are Salamino, Grasparossa, Maestri, Marani and older varieties like Oliva, Barghi, Foglia Frastagliata. Also: irreplaceable to the production of a good Lambrusco is the Ancellotta grape, which gives the wine deep color and smoothness.

More than that

White Grapes

Our last installation however, is dedicated to the growth of different varieties of white grapes like Candia’s aromatic Malvasia, white Malvasia, Pignoletto, Trebbiano and Moscato. It is also our mission to put on the stage and give value to Fortana, an old local grape recently defined as “golden grape”.

Not only grapes


Our Lambrusco is also sold in casks, for the enthusiasts of the “self- bottling”, usage still very common in our area. Other than this, our wine is sold refermented in the bottle, with a 6 months aging on the lees, to recall the natural taste of our tradition.

Wine pairings


Our philosophy is to work in the traditional way both in the vineyard and in the winery, and it allows us to obtain sparkling wines which are very versatile in pairings not only with local dishes, but also with international cuisine, thanks to a rich foam, intense and persistent smell and a full bodied taste, all of it enhanced by a good acidity.