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rustico ferrettivini

Ferretti Family

The connection between Our Family and the world of wines started long time ago…


Our origins sit back in time


Great-grandfather Sante and his 3 sons, trying to lift up their family’s economical situation, started to produce Lambrusco wine with the grapes growing in their fields, building as well the concrete tanks still preserved in the old cellar of our winery.


The crisis of this year sadly forced the family to sell the property and work for the new owners.


The deep love and attachment to their lands rewarded the determination and sacrifices of the sons through the years, particularly Grandfather Bruno, his wife Rina and their young son Sante, who are finally able to reacquire their land. Those were years where the Sylvoz vineyards replaced elms plantations. Together with the care for the family’s vineyard and to pull in more economical force, Sante starded to build up experience in Campegine’s own winery: Cantina Sociale di Campegine.


Thanks to the precious teaching and support of the previous wine-maker Ettore Migli, and to the more than 40 harvests conducted, Sante learned the art of making wine, gaining satisfaction both as associate of the winery, and as wine-maker himself.


Campegine’s winery closed but, as always, an end implies a new beginning.


Ferretti Vini is our challenge as young sisters. Our future is the original project of great-grandfather Sante Ferretti, based upon the great experience and the education our father Sante transmitted to us. Denise followed specialised education at University in winemaking, Elisa brings her expertise and her enthusiasm in this new adventure of the Ferretti family.